Evolutions of PerfectPower

Up ta date (Monday, FEB 05, 2018)



PerfectPower Autos Androïd 5.0 on Monday, FEB 05, 2018

PerfectPower Motos Androïd 1.0 on Wednesday, FEB 07, 2018


Chronological list of the next evolutions


Monday, FEB 05, 2018

Releasing PerfectPower Autos Androïd 5.0


1) Final optimization of calculations and curves processing for power measurements for maximum accuracy of results, based on the results of the two PerfectPower 2017 test campaigns (Calculation of coefficients a and b of the rolling resistance law Rr = m * (a + bV ^ 2), Comparison "On-road measurements with PerfectPower / Ultra-precise rolling road measurements")

2) Final optimization of the accuracy of the averaging of the power measurements, and hence the accuracy of any "average" power result generated based on the averaging of two to four power measurements

3) All adaptations to Androïd 8 (8.0 / 8.1)

4) Minimum Android version required: 4.4 (4.1 previously)

5) New "Rev calibration" page (accessible from the Setup screen), allowing the setting of the calibration rev (previously imposed at 3000 rpm)

6) Authorization to compare Power results with a different measurement gear, minimum rev, or maximum rev

7) Authorization of the comparison and the averaging of power and accelerations results of Power and Accelerations corrected (on the maximum speed) with classical results (uncorrected)

8) Optimization of the "Calculation of gear ratios" page

9) Added an "Experts" page accessible from the Car sheet, and allowing some specific settings

10) Optimization of the measurement control system

11) Locking the "Power" function for new buyers

12) Pre-installation of a car, the iconic PerfectPower default car: Aston Martin DBS

13) Track function completely reviewed

14) Modification of the default torque unit: Nm (instead of m.kg)

15) Graphic retouching of the different screens

16) Changing the home message specific to this particular 5.0 version

17) Cleaning the program, to remove anything that is not absolutely essential